How to Upload Instagram Photos, Videos from PC

How do I upload photos, Instagram videos from the latest PC 2020? To upload IG photos or videos with a computer / laptop is actually very easy, I will explain below the steps. Instagram is very well known both domestically and abroad. Nowadays, social media sites are increasingly popular with people, from young people to adults.

All of them use social networking sites, as if those who don’t have them will be considered old-fashioned people or out of date. Social media is like a knife blade, in the hands of good people it can be used to slice onions, cut vegetables, chop herbs, etc.

However, in the hands of criminals it can also be used to rob, mugged and tackle so that social media is value-free depending on the person wearing it. Hence its existence cannot be blamed, the one who is wrong is the user. Advanced smartphone users with both the Android and iOS operating systems are very familiar with the Instagram application.

Used from various groups, ranging from students, unemployed to officials and top world artists. Not only on cellphones, IG can also be accessed via PC or computer or laptop. But unfortunately when we access the Instagram site via PC there will be limited functions which usually run normally if you access it via a smartphone.

One of the obstacles is that there is no feature to upload Instagram photos or videos via this PC / laptop. Therefore, right will explain to you about how to upload photos, Instagram videos from the latest PC 2020.

How to Upload Instagram Photos on a Laptop PC With the Web for Instagram

The first is to use an extension on the Chrome browser, namely Web for Instagram.

For more details, please follow the instructions below:

Open a browser application

Use the latest Chrome browser.

Install the Web for Instagram extension

Then you have to install the Web for Instagram extension on your Chrome.

Login Instagram

Then you log in to the Instagram application.

Uploading photos to Ig

Then you click the menu ” UPLOAD ” then point at the photo with the format. JPG storage / hard drive.

Besides its benefits for uploading IG photos on a PC, it can also be used to view Instagram Stories.

How to Upload Instagram Photos on PC Via Gramblr

The second method is to use an application called Gramblr.

Here are the steps you can practice:

Download and install Gramblr

If you don’t have the Gramblr application, please download it first.

Then you install it on your favorite PC or laptop.

Register first

Now you have to create a Gramblr account first and enter a valid Instagram account username and password.

Upload photos to Instagram

If you have done the instructions above, you are free to upload Instagram video photos from your PC or laptop.

How to Upload Ig Photos & Videos via Laptop with Desktop Extensions

To upload IG photos from the third computer is to use the Desktop for Instagram extension.

Open Chrome

a. Run the Google Chrome browser application because Firefox won’t work.

Install the Desktop for Instagram extension

b. Then you download the Desktop for Instagram extension. You just click ” Add to Chrome ” to install it.

c. A message like this will appear, you just click ” Add extension “.

Find the app icon

d. Find the Desktop for Instagram icon at the top right of the Chrome browser application.

Log in to Instagram

e. Then you log into the IG application by clicking ” Sign in “.

f. You will be taken to the Instagram site then simply click ” Log in with Facebook ” or choose another.

g. If you have registered via email, just click “ Have an account? Log in “.

Enter your FB email and password

h. Your task is to fill in your Facebook email and password, then you click Log In.

Click Reload

i. Return to the Desktop for Instagram application which was already open, then you click ” RELOAD ” or look at the image below.

j. You now enjoy IG access like the mobile version display. If you want to upload a photo or video, just click the + sign.

k. Finish.



What is Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking site for sharing photos and videos belonging to the Facebook company. Instagram’s social media is very popular with young people because of its various advantages.

What are the benefits of Instagram?

Those of you who want to exist in an all-out way can just use this cool tool to present yourself socially.

However, IG is not only used for selfies or to show off, through this media many people also use it to trade.

Many of them managed to sell their merchandise with very satisfying results because the IG segment is for the rich.

That is, the middle class and above, so for those of you who are traders or who want to get money coffers online.

You can sell your merchandise via social media by, of course, uploading photos of the products you want to sell to the crowd, bro and sis …

What are the risks of uploading photos / videos without wearing a hijab?

What we upload on dimedsos will be held accountable in the afterlife, 100 years ago we didn’t exist and the next 100 years will return to nothing.

If you upload a photo that makes your genitals, then wait for the reply in the afterlife, especially those who watch the crowd will be exposed to Jariyah sins.

Namely where sins will continue to increase even though you have died because they are viral and are spread everywhere where people will keep them.

And re-upload it over and over again so be prepared for the punishment later that you will feel.

The final word

Thus the article about Tricks on How to Upload Photos, Instagram Videos from a PC Laptop 2020, hopefully, this is useful for you.

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