Is Your Laptop Battery Draining Fast? Here are 8 Proven Ways To Fix It!

Since cellphones were first developed until now they have become smartphones, the problem of battery consumption has always been a concern of many people. Starting from the developer, who is always looking for ways to deal with cellphone batteries running out quickly, to users.

Even though most smartphones are now equipped with powerful batteries, it still doesn’t meet human needs, you know. Therefore, you also need to try on your own to overcome this.

Before proceeding to discuss how to deal with fast battery drain, we first describe why this can happen. Reporting from various sources, these are the factors that make the cellphone battery run out quickly.

Background Apps

What is meant by background apps is the type of application that always runs even though you don’t open it on the page. Usually, it is this type of application that most often makes Mobile batteries wasteful. The reason is, the background application will consume power continuously.

To fix this, just set the update time to be less frequent. An example is a weather application. If in the previous settings this application was always updated once an hour, it could be changed to be every four or five hours.


Maybe you didn’t expect, the type of application that you think can save power because of its function to adjust the brightness automatically, it turns out to be one of the applications that requires the most power. In addition, there are also smartphone users who are too lazy to adjust the brightness from the settings.

So, instead of having the convenience of you but always overshadowed by a drained battery and disconnected from communication, it’s better to just set it manually. Besides, it doesn’t take too much time to be complicated. Just open the settings page, then look for the brightness or brightness settings menu .

Google Play Services

Without you knowing it, there are several Google applications that are the source of smartphone battery problems so wasteful. Dear thousand dear, even if the problem is unraveled, it is difficult to solve it. The reason is, you can’t just uninstall one of Google’s default applications. Can make your cellphone run abnormally!

But, there are ways to overcome it. Just open the Settings app, select Apps, All, then enter the Google Play Services menu. Then, tap the Clear Cache menu . It doesn’t help right away. But at least it can make Google’s default application so it doesn’t eat too much power, like before.

Broken charger

Not all problems that result in cellphone batteries run out quickly are caused by errors in the smartphone management system. There is one problem that comes from outside, namely the Charger problem.

Yes, without you knowing it, a charger can also be the answer to the question why the Mobile battery runs out so quickly. Chargers that are damaged or have less than optimal function, can actually affect the performance and quality of the smartphone, you know. And if you use it for a long time, the results are very detrimental.

Applications that make battery drain

Apart from Google, you know the types of applications that require a lot of power. And to find out the power consumption of each application, you can check the Settings.

Select the Battery menu in settings. Then, the smartphone will display, what applications make Mobile batteries wasteful. And if you want a more detailed report, use a third party application such as GSam Battery Monitor. At least, you will know the reason behind the wasteful smartphone battery that you use.

If you are experiencing a condition that your Phone battery runs out quickly, you don’t need to panic and worry. Try to identify the cause first, then you will get a solution.

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