How to make a Facebook avatar without additional applications, it’s more viral!

Recently, many Facebook users have enlivened their timeline with their avatars. Well, apparently the avatar content is a new Facebook feature which was launched last May in the United States. Now, Facebook users in Indonesia can enjoy the presence of this avatar content. Facebook users positively welcome this feature. Many users are interested in and also trying to make an avatar after seeing the timeline.

The avatar model in this new feature in Indonesia is actually similar to Snapchat’s, Bitmoji. Even though Bitmoji already uses this avatar feature first. However, Facebook is developing this feature to be even more interesting. Facebook follows concepts on other platforms. Then provide a little modification so that it can be further developed so that it looks attractive.

Bitmoji-like Features

There are similarities in features to Bitmoji. The reason is, the presence of the Facebook feature in the form of an avatar can be created by users. This means that users can create cartoons with their own faces. They can also use it to be displayed in status, stories, comments, or in Facebook messages.

According to the Head of Facebook App, Fidji Simo, revealed that lately there have been many interactions online, which is why it is so important to be able to express yourself personally on Facebook.

“With so many emotions and expressions to choose from, avatars allow you to react and engage more authentically with family and friends across the app,” says Simo.

How to Create Your Own Facebook Avatar

To create an avatar on Facebook, follow the instructions below.

  • Go to the Facebook application. If any of your Facebook friends have created an avatar, then press Try it which is located under the avatar. If no one has made it yet, just relax.
  • You can enter the Settings Menu where there is a three horizontal line mark on the top right.
  • After that, click More or for the Indonesian setting, click See More .
  • If so, press the Avatar menu , a page will appear to create a Facebook Avatar.
  • Then press Next .
  • Make an avatar that suits you, be it gender, face, and so on. Create yourself in a cartoon version of yourself!
  • To find out whether your avatar is similar to your face or not, activate the mirror feature that is located on the top right.
  • If you have succeeded in making your version of the avatar, click the Done menu . Wait a few seconds. Then your avatar will appear immediately. After that you can use it to be a profile or status or whatever you like.

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