How to Dark Mode WhatsApp on Android

How to Dark Mode WhatsApp – Currently almost all smartphone manufacturers have provided the Dark Mode feature, including Samsung, which presents this feature on the One UI operating system. The Dark Mode feature will change the user interface to black so it is more comfortable to use and makes the battery more efficient.

Unfortunately not all applications support the Dark Mode feature or dark mode. We believe that in the future all popular applications will support this display. The same thing has been done by WhatsApp by presenting the Dark Mode feature in the latest WhatsApp update which is specifically for Android and iOS users.

Now you can use the Dark Mode WhatsApp feature on Samsung smartphones and various other smartphones. But not all smartphones support this feature, because WhatsApp does it gradually. For those who have already got it, they can try it right away in the way that we convey below.

How to activate WhatsApp’s dark mode

In order for the WhatsApp Dark Mode to be active, we must activate it manually. Actually, some applications provide an automatic dark mode feature that will turn on when smartphone users switch to dark mode. Unfortunately WhatsApp hasn’t taken advantage of this feature, so we have to activate it manually. As for how to dark mode WhatsApp on Android and iOS, please see below.

  1. To activate the WhatsApp Dark Mode feature , you must install the latest WhatsApp application available on the Play Store or iOS
  2. Once installed, we just have to open the WhatsApp application
  3. Then you tap the menu button (image of three vertical dots)
  4. Then select After or Chating
  5. Then select the menu ‘ chat ‘
  6. On the Chat menu, several menus will be available. Now the way for dark mode WhatsApp to be active is by selecting the Theme menu
  7. There will be three theme choices provided, namely Set By Battery Saver, Light, and Dark
  8. In order for the Dark Mode feature to be active, then you have to choose the Dark feature
  9. After the Dark feature is selected, the WhatsApp display will change to a dark color so that it is more comfortable

Currently, there are still many Samsung smartphones that don’t support the dark mode WhatsApp feature. This feature will be given gradually, so you have to be patient if you don’t get it yet. In order not to miss this feature, we recommend that you regularly go through updates if there is the latest version of WhatsApp.

The presence of the dark mode feature makes this chat application even more interesting. Because the dark mode feature will change the overall appearance of WhatsApp to a dark color. Oh well, you need to know that the latest WhatsApp feature is only available for smartphones with the Android operating system 9 and above and iOS 12 and above.

For Samsung cellphone users who are still using Android Oreo, Marshmallow, or Nougat, they will definitely be a little disappointed. Hopefully in the future WhatsApp will provide a dark mode feature on all operating systems, so that all Samsung cellphone users can enjoy it.

Benefits of the Dark Mode Feature

The dark mode feature not only makes the application look cool, but also has many other benefits that you can see below.

Batteries Become Efficient

For smartphones that use OLED, Amoled or Super Amoled panels, the dark mode feature can save battery power consumption. OlED screen technology (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is different from LCD screens in general. Because the screen is less than 1mm thin.

When the dark mode feature is activated, the screen panel will only display black so that most of the pixels on the screen will die. This is what makes battery consumption more economical. In addition, there are still several other ways that can save battery power, as we convey in the following article ” How to Save Samsung Battery “.

Reducing eye fatigue

The black color on the screen is much more pleasing to the eye than the white or light color. Therefore, the dark mode feature will make the eyes feel comfortable when looking at a smartphone for a long time. Besides being comfortable, the eyes also don’t get tired quickly because it can help concentration when looking at a smartphone.

Be More Focused When Reading

The combination of dark background and white text is proven to increase one’s focus in reading. This has been conveyed by a journal entitled ” The Impact of Web Page Text-Background Color Combinations on Readability, Retention, Aesthetics, and Behavioral Intention .” In the journal, it was stated that the combination of bright colors like white against a dark background makes a person more focused.

So that’s information about dark mode on WhatsApp. We need to remind you once again, that the WhatsApp dark mode feature is not yet available for all smartphones. This feature also only supports smartphones with the Android 9 and iOS 12 operating systems and above.

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