How to Activate the Split Screen Feature of All Types of Samsung Mobile Phones

How to Activate Samsung’s HP Split Screen Feature – As one of the largest smartphone vendors in the world, Samsung is a mecca for new smartphone vendors. Various innovations that have emerged will certainly be followed by other smartphone vendors, including in features.

As for features, Samsung itself always embeds new features on each of their latest One UI generations. One of the features that is fairly new is the split screen feature where this feature will allow you to split the screen display in two.

By making the screen display of the smartphone clear, it will allow you to fill one screen with two applications or running images. For example, you can view videos but are also opening other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other applications that you have.

Of course, you can get this feature on Samsung cellphones with the latest UI such as the Samsung Galaxy M51 and several previous series which also received updates. For those of you who have not used this feature, you can see the easy steps from regarding How to Activate the following Samsung HP Split Screen Feature.

How to activate the Samsung HP split screen feature

But you need to remember that not all applications support or can run it, some old applications may not be able to use this feature. In addition, some games also do not support the split screen feature on this Samsung cellphone.

  • Click the Recent Apps button at the bottomSplit Screen Samsung
  • Click the application logo to be split, for example Youtube
  • Next, various options will appear
  • You select Open In Full Screen ViewLatest Samsung Split Screen
  • Then the application will automatically appear at the top
  • You can continue the method above by selecting which application will be split screen again
  • If successful, the smartphone screen will contain 2 applications simultaneously.

Applications like Youtube certainly support this feature and can be displayed perfectly with the split screen feature. Some applications that do not support this feature may also support the split screen feature for Samsung phones.

How to activate the Samsung HP Split Screen feature can be done on Samsung phones with the latest Samsung user interface system, One UI. For you cellphones with an old UI, you can’t enjoy this feature yet.

Split screen itself is not only Samsung cellphones that can support this feature because several other brands of Android phones also support the split screen feature with different names.

The way to use it is almost the same, namely by optimizing the recent apps feature on the phone. For those of you who like to watch movies like Netflix, you can also enjoy this feature to watch movies while surfing on social media.

Split screen or dividing the smartphone screen into two is perfect for users who want to view videos and chat, where the majority of those who use this feature are those who. Those are some easy steps that you can practice on your Samsung cellphone easily and quickly without even using the help of third-party applications. Also, check out various interesting information from other Samsung phones at ApksApps.

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