Easy Ways to Save Android HP Battery Power, Here’s How

Quickly dropping cellphone batteries will disturb users, especially when we are browsing for tasks, or when users who have online stores and are serving prospective buyers, suddenly their cellphones drop. This is indeed difficult for users. It could be not because of the small battery capacity but because of several other things.

Most cell phone users don’t realize that the way they use their cell phones is the cause of their low battery. One of them is because the screen brightness is too high or because of the many applications running in the software background . Many people do not realize that these things consume a lot of power. Especially if the user’s cellphone does not have a battery saver feature.

Launching PC Mag Asia, to anticipate this, Google launched the Android 6.0 Marshmallow software operating system. Through this operating system, Google brings a power-saving mode through the “sleep” feature when the cellphone is not in use, or when the cellphone is placed on a table.

Set the Applications Running on the System

Not only through the “sleep” feature, power saving can also be done through the “Device Care” menu found in “Settings”. Through these features the device will automatically perform the cleaning and optimizing the system, and remove applications that are damaged or damage .

Actually, when an application requests an update, it doesn’t have to be done even though it offers interesting additional features. In essence, the more the application is updated the more it requires battery absorption.

If you still want to update the application, you should do this using a Wifi network. Not only securing cellular data, but also saving battery life . This is because Wifi networks don’t consume much power than mobile data networks.

Not only disabling data, another option is to disable trackers that live on the phone. Bluetooth, location, and NFC, and visibility of Samsung smartphones don’t have to be turned on all the time. Other features such as Google Assistant or Bixby on Samsung smartphones only need to be activated when needed.

Adjust Screen Display

Not only applications and systems, the screen display is also something that needs attention. The first thing to notice is the brightness of the HP screen . Then, to set the settings as needed or by turning off the HP screen brightness mode automatically .

In addition, it’s a good idea to avoid using screensavers or those that display colors too much. Such screensavers can be said to consume more power. You can also try to avoid using Widgets , which are actually used as active programs to access them directly. So this will consume battery.

Other Options

Finally, to save battery power, you can use a battery case or an additional battery supply. You can also turn off notifications for vibrate mode or the sound of your cellphone as not draining power. This action will make the battery power not drain quickly because the HP rest more.

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