Best Android Tycoon Games 2020, Fun Simulation Games to Play Anytime, Anywhere

Not all mobile games are about combat or conflict. Especially when you need an escape, the Android tycoon game can be one of the most interesting choices. Even though in terms of users it is not as popular as battle-royale , RPG, or MOBA games, that doesn’t mean this game is not fun, you know. Apart from honing your management skills, this type of game will also train your brain power to do something constructive.

You also need to know, through tycoon games, you will be invited to run a business in a fun way. And there is a reason why this game is part of a simulation game. You see, starting from the system, mechanisms, to gameplay, it is a duplication of events in the real world and then summarized into a game. Therefore, these factors make this game often called a business simulation game. Of course, once again, running a business in a pleasant manner and atmosphere, yes.


Offline or Online Android Tycoon Game

Well, for those of you who want to try playing the Android tycoon game, please calm down. The Braintology team has collected various game titles that you can find on the Play Store and choose the best.

Want to know what are the best tycoon games on Android phones? Immediately check the description below, yes.

Project Highrise

Through this game, building skyscrapers is no longer just a childhood dream. Yes, you can make it happen! Moreover, you will be guided to understand the ins and outs of skyscraper construction through this tycoon game titled Project Highrise .

Just pay Rp. 71 thousand, you will feel how the life and activities of an architect. If it feels boring, you can also choose to become a developer or a contractor.

Later, you will be asked to build, organize, and develop your own skyscraper. And it’s not a skyscraper if it’s just a matter of height. You will also be asked to fill in and arrange; starting from restaurants, shops, apartments, to office areas. Interesting right?


For the latest generation, life like a dictator in tropical South America may only be found through books. Whether history books, politics, or classic novels. But, if you are curious about the nuances of life like a dictator, you can taste it through the game Tropico.

In this game, you are given the task of bringing Tropico – a tropical region in the middle of nowhere, to prosperity. And as a new leader, you will be asked to solve various problems of courage; ranging from economy, tourism, geopolitics, foreign relations, and domestic politics.

Quite complicated? In fact, that’s what makes this game so fun and exciting to play. Especially for those of you who like to play strategy games; This Android tycoon game is very fitting to play. It won’t bore you!

Stardew Valley

When talking about the mobile tycoon game, it’s incomplete if you don’t mention this game called Stardew Valley . How could I not, this is a game that won many awards; two of them are the Golden Joystick Breakthrough Award and were nominated for Game of the Year 2017.

Of course, there are reasons that make this game receive many awards. And of course related to the features, gameplay, and the story offered.

Take it easy, you will not be asked to determine the fate of a nation – as you found in the Tropico game . You are only asked to cultivate the land and gardens into a prosperous area and bring a lot of profit.

Yes, in this game, you inherit an old plantation area. And with the plantation capital, you will be asked to cultivate, organize, and plant it with a variety of plants. Do not forget, also take care of animals. Still curious about the gameplay? Just download it right away.

Farming Simulator 20

Even though Stardew Valley is considered the most popular, that doesn’t mean an agricultural tycoon game is just that. Yes, there are several other titles that are no less popular with different gameplay and mechanics. One that you deserve to play is the Farming Simulator 20 game.

To download it via the Play Store, you need to pay IDR 85 thousand. No need to frown. It’s a cheap and decent price. You see, it will make you satisfied and far from feeling disappointed!

In this game, you are asked to cultivate and plant various types of plants. In addition, you are also asked to manage animal feed supplies, plough gardens using sophisticated tractors, and other economic activities. Exciting? Guaranteed, deh!

Star Traders: Frontiers

Usually, the theme of outer space is concerned only with warfare. Even if you are exploring, it is more of a total adventure as you can find from a game called Eve Echoes . Therefore, Star Traders: Frontiers can be said to be a completely different game – both between similar games and games that use the same theme.

Imagine, life in outer space can be so complex and complicated. It’s not just shooting laser weapons at aliens with unique shapes. You will also be invited to explore unlimited space, identify aliens, pursue prizes, and get involved in politics between sectors.

Indeed, the graphics and audio quality of this game is fairly low. But, once you get late playing it, it will be hard to stop!

So, today’s description of the best Android tycoon game for 2020 is finished. Among the five games above, have you played any? Try sharing it via the Braintologi social media comment column.

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