3 Ways to Root Android Hp Without PC (All Brands) Just 1X Click

What is Root? Can an Android cellphone be rooted? How to root Android without the correct PC? 3 questions that may have stopped in your mind when you hear the word root Android phone. Actually, what is Root? The root is a process that allows you to get full access to the Android operating system on your cellphone. So far, to access all the features and make customizations on an Android cellphone, it is often limited by the system embedded by the manufacturer of the cellphone.

Can all Android phones be rooted?

The Android operating system is a Linux-based system and is Open Source. This means, you can modify the operating system according to the user’s wishes. It’s just that, because cellphone manufacturers have one goal or another, that’s why access to modifying Android phones is limited. The process for limiting user access to modifying Android phones is called Lock Bootloader. Well, if we root the cellphone, we will unlock the Bootloader Lock so that we can get full access to all the features that Android has.

Is Root Android Hp Safe?

One of the reasons why cellphone manufacturers lock down access to all Android features is security. If root access is opened on the cellphone, the user can change the standard of the security system on the cellphone so that it will result in total damage to the device. Therefore, an Android cellphone that is rooted, the warranty period will automatically be forfeited because the cellphone manufacturer itself does not want to be responsible for system damage caused by user ‘fad’.

How to Root Android Without a PC

Another reason why cellphone manufacturers lock access to all Android features is so that the default application that is embedded in the cellphone can be used by users. The default application, which is commonly called bloatware, is sometimes annoying for some users. The reason is because some built-in applications are not really needed and instead take up a lot of internal memory. If users are given full access to the Android operating system, they can easily remove these default applications. Cellphone manufacturers certainly don’t want this to happen, so they lock down access to the Android operating system.

So if we see from the description above, we can conclude that Android Root is not safe . If you keep on doing it, the product warranty claim will not be valid and if your Android phone is totally damaged then you can’t fix it again. But on the other hand, if the Android root is successful, you can get many advantages. What are the advantages of rooting Android and what are the drawbacks?

Pros and Cons of Root Android Phone

Before we discuss how to root an Android cellphone without a PC, let’s learn what are the advantages of rooting Android:

The advantages of rooting an Android cellphone

  1. Can Delete Default Applications. As explained above, default applications that are not too important will overload the performance of the cellphone. Default applications will take up a lot of space in internal memory and RAM. Because the default application is protected by the operating system of the cellphone manufacturer, therefore root will open the protection so you can delete all unnecessary default applications.
  2. Can Overclock Processor. Overclocking is a process to force the Hp processor to work to its maximum point. Overclocking will make the performance of the Android cellphone even faster, it’s just that this process of course has consequences. The Overclock process will make the processor very hot and drain a lot of battery power. If the heat is not handled further it will damage the processor
  3. Adding Internal Memory with MicroSD. If you have a cellphone with a small internal memory, it must be often difficult because you have to frequently delete data and applications to make memory more spacious. If you don’t want this to happen, you can increase your internal memory by using a MicroSD. In essence, your internal memory capacity will be added with MicroSD memory. This method cannot be done if your Android is not rooted
  4. Install Forbidden Applications. There are several applications that cannot be installed, if your cellphone is not rooted, for example, Titanium Backup. With Android Root you can easily install any application
  5. Reducing Applications Running in the Background. Applications running in the background will take up a lot of RAM capacity. If left unchecked, this will certainly have an impact on the decline in cellphone performance. Now, to reduce stubborn applications running in the background, you can root the cellphone.

Lack of rooting an Android cellphone

  1. Lost Product Warranty. The cellphone manufacturer will not be responsible for damage to the cellphone due to root. Because Android rooting is illegal, the warranty claim will no longer be valid, even if you just bought the cellphone yesterday
  2. Cannot Update OTA. Android operating system updates via OTA (Over The Air) will not be possible after root occurs. This is because there are OTA features that are deleted when rooting is done
  3. Chaotic Hp Performance. Sometimes a cellphone that has been rooted in performance can suddenly decrease drastically. This is because the Hp operating system is unstable, causing some features to not run normally
  4. Susceptible to Viruses. Root Android cellphone will remove the features and security standards on the cellphone. This will certainly widen the security gap on your cellphone. Therefore, be careful about storing important information on a rooted Android cellphone
  5. Total Dead Mobile. The worst consequence experienced when Android rooting is the cellphone dies completely or often restarts itself. This is because there is an incorrect root process that damages the operating system as a whole.

If you want to root your Android cellphone to get faster performance, it’s good to just replace your cellphone with a new, fast Android cellphone. The Sultan has a recommendation for a fast cellphone at a cheap price and a cool cellphone at a pocket-friendly price . Instead of root failing and finally you buy another cellphone, it’s better to buy a cheap cellphone with high specifications and a cool design from the start, right?

3 Ways to Root Android Without a PC

1. Root Android without PC with KingoRoot
KingoRoot is one of the recommended root applications for Android phones. This application can root your Android cellphone with one click. To download the application, click here . How to use it is very easy, just install this application (apk format) on your cellphone then run it with one click. After that, wait until the root process is complete.

1. How to Root Android Without a PC

The KingoRoot application can be used on almost all Android cellphone brands, such as: Samsung, Google, HTC, LG, Huawei, Sony, and so on. The Android operating system that can be rooted can be from Android version 1.0 to 5.0. Before rooting, make sure the model or type and version of Android listed on the application screen is compatible with your Android phone.

2. Root Android without PC with KingRoot

Even though the name is almost the same as KingoRoot, King Root is different from the above application. King Root allows you to root an Android cellphone without a PC in seconds. This application can root Android with versions ranging from 4.22 to 5.1. Root Hp is quite easy because just click the blue button and wait for the root process to finish. The King Root application can be downloaded here .

King Root can be used on several types of Android phones. But so that you are more careful, make sure your Android type and version are read first in the application. If it can’t be read, don’t try to root Android with this app because it might fail.

3. Root Android without PC with iRoot

iRoot is an Android cellphone root application without a PC that can be installed on a cellphone. With just one click you can root Android without the need for special skills and complicated techniques. This application is safe enough to use for various types and models of the latest Android cellphones. Regarding support, the iRoot application can root cellphones of various brands such as Samsung, Google, Sony, HTC, and others. The Android operating system used can also start from version 2.3 to 5.0. To download the application, click here .

Before practicing how to root Android without a PC with the above applications, first pay attention to whether your cellphone can be rooted with these three applications or not. If possible, the model or type of cellphone and the version of the operating system used will appear on the application screen. If it doesn’t appear, don’t try to root your Android. No matter how you root Android, root Android is a less secure action. If the root fails, your cellphone will be totally damaged, cannot be turned on at all, and warranty claims are not valid. Thank you for reading, I hope this article is useful.

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